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Austin+Koffron mediation

The fastest, least expensive way to get your divorce done.


Mediation is a requirement for original family law actions in Southwest Michigan. And even though mediation isn’t mandatory in post-judgment cases, probate/estate and civil actions, families may still choose mediation in these circumstances.

If you have been ordered to get mediation, regardless of whether you have an attorney, your mediator can be chosen from a list of court-approved mediators or you can choose your own.

When one party is represented by an attorney and the other is not, it is important to select a skilled mediator who is able to keep their eye on the ball. The most effective mediation focuses on the individual’s needs rather than being influenced by the presence of one attorney.

When both parties are represented by attorneys, a resolution is more likely with a mediator who has a full understanding of the law and experience in crafting creative solutions.

Almost any dispute can be resolved through skilled mediation.

REWRITE: If Austin+Koffron has been appointed or court ordered to serve as mediator in your case, choose either Smarter Mediation or Standard Mediation. The court will provide notice to Austin+Koffron to get the mediation process started or you may make the initial contact to our office, whether you have an attorney or not.

Two MediatorsMediationPlusOne

Optional mediation enhancements

Mediation Prep | Austin+KoffronInterim Mediation | Austin+KoffronLearn moreLearn more
Interim Mediation | Austin+KoffronInterim Mediation | Austin+Koffron

Interim Mediation addresses pressing questions and conflicts that can’t wait until your full mediation session takes place. For example, you may be in a conflict with your partner over school placement, summer camp enrollment or a critical healthcare decision. These are the types of specific situations that Austin+Koffron Interim Mediation resolves. And because the sessions are limited to specific questions, a resolution can often be reached quickly.

Imagine how much better you’d feel if the stress and anguish of immediate problems could be resolved quickly and efficiently.

Interim Mediation

Mediation Prep | Austin+KoffronMediation Prep | Austin+Koffron

Sometimes called Proactive Mediation, this service can help you get the most out of your full mediation session. As with so many jobs, good and thorough preparation for mediation makes the entire process smoother, more efficient and generally more successful. Through a series of checklists and organizers, we’ll help you gather all of the information you’ll need for mediation day so everyone can get right to work. The result is less stress, less wasted time and reduced costs.

Mediation Prep

Less stressful Better outcomesLess family confictFewer surprises on mediation dayMinimizes family relationship friction/confictsLess aggravation Better living arrangements Solve problems soonerPotentially less expensive Less anxiety while waiting for mediation dayMore confdenceFully qualifed Austin+Kofron MediatorAustin+Kofron Proactive™ Mediation vs. Standard Mediation Feature ComparisonStandard(court-ordered)Pre-Mediation sample parenting time schedulesPre-Mediation asset datasheetsLorem ipsumPrepare for mediation in advance with checklists and data sheetsQuicker conclusion with advance preparationMediation Services Comparison
• Custody and visitation
• Divorce
• Domicile disputes
• Guardianship disputes
• Interim/emergent issue mediation
• International child custody disputes
• Jurisdictional disputes
• Parenting time
• Paternity actions
• Post-Judgment matters
• School choice disputes
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