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Co-parenting doesn’t mean that the parents have to agree on everything
but it does mean that parents agree to keep their child's best interests ahead of their own personal agendas.

Co-parenting is when both parents work together to raise their children ...High conflict divorces can be especially tough on kids.
They can feel caught in the middle, and may even start to blame themselves for the situation. It’s important to do everything you can to make sure your children don’t get lost in the shuffle.

Co-parenting can help children to feel more loved and supported, as they have both parents working together for their benefit. And if parents “partner up,” the childs’ natural inclination to play one parent against the other will be severely limited.

Learning to co-parent effectively can be a difficult process.
It takes time, patience and effort, but it is possible to create a successful co-parenting relationship.
...even though they're no longer in a relationship with each other.
This can be a difficult task, but it's very important for the well-being of your children.
When divorcing parents learn how to co-parent effectively, they give their children the best chance to thrive.
Keep talking
Even if you and your ex don’t see eye to eye on everything, it’s important to try to keep the lines of communication open. This will help your children feel like they can still talk to both of you about anything, and will make the transition easier for them.
to make joint decisions whenever possible. If you and your ex can’t agree on everything, at least try to come to a consensus on the big decisions that will affect your children. This will help them feel like they’re still a part of the family, even though their parents are divorced.
your children’s best interests at heart.This is the most important thing to remember. No matter what disagreements you have with your ex, your children will suffer most if things go wrong.
talking badly about your ex in front of your children. It’s important to remember that your children love both of their parents, even if you don’t get along with your ex. Talking badly about them will only make things harder for your children.
Techniques for better co-parenting
More about co-parentingHelp is available to learn co-parenting.

While some parents are able to successfully co-parent without professional help, others find it to be beneficial. A parenting coach or therapist can help the parents to communicate more effectively and resolve conflict in a healthy way. Be sure to check out the Resources section at the bottom of this page,
Developing a disciplinary plan is important, so one parent is not the disciplinarian.

It's important that both parents are on the same page when it comes to discipline. If the parents are not able to agree on a disciplinary plan, they should consult with a parenting coach or therapist to help them come up with a plan that works for both of them.
You don't have to be friends with your ex to
co-parent successfully.

While it's ideal if the parents are able to get along, it's not a requirement. The most important thing is that the parents are able to communicate and work together for the benefit of the children.
You don’t have to agree on everything to co-parent.

Parents will not always agree on everything, but it is important that they are able to discuss their differences and come to a compromise that works for both of them and their children.
Both parents should be involved in their children’s lives as much as possible. Decisions about their children should be made jointly, and both should have equal parenting time.There's no hierarchy in co-parenting.
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