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A man walking toward a fork in the road. Austin+Koffron's approach is to help you determine your path to your future.
Austin+Koffron Mediation Services

Our adversarial legal system is meant to provide a rational basis for resolving conflicts, protecting rights, and creating order out of chaos for individuals with competing interests. But for those involved in divorce or family law disputes, this complicated network of laws can easily become more of a hurdle, rather than a solution, on the path to a better future.

Those involved in divorce and other family law matters will generally share long-term common interests with their former spouse or significant other, especially if children are involved. Most family law matters involve people who are (whether they like it or not) going to be connected in some way for the remainder of their lives. But short-term conflicts can often make it hard to focus on long-term goals.

People stuck in conflict need help. Sometimes the help they need is that of traditional representation and fierce advocacy to protect them, their children, and their money. But sometimes all they need is guidance, oversight, and objective advice on how to amicably get out of the mess they are in.

Whether as mediators or as litigators in the trial court and in the Court of Appeals, we have spent most of the past two decades providing services tailored to the needs of individuals and families. We are here to listen to you. We are here to defend you. We are here to help you through whatever family law or divorce issue you are facing.

Whether you are in the process of reorganizing one family into two households, creating a dual custodial environment, readjusting to a change in circumstance, or trying to grapple with a conflicted distribution of an estate while grieving, you need the support of skilled attorneys who can develop and guide you towards a reasonable solution without sacrificing long-term goals.

From preserving wealth to protecting children, we have a passion for helping families. Either as your mediator or your advocate, let us provide the structure, realism, and sophistication necessary for you to find a solution to issues that mean the most to you.