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austin+koffron legal services

Austin+Koffron is a boutique law firm devoted to the practice of family law.

We believe that most clients prefer to find amicable solutions to their problems. But everyone has the right to a zealous advocate by their side in contested divorce, custody, domicile and other actions.

Learn more about the Austin+Koffron approach to family law.

austin+koffron legal services

Contested Matters

Our litigation strategy is built on a strong foundation of legal knowledge, a firm understanding of the long-term effects of decisions, and the ability to remain objective even in the most emotionally charged cases. With careful decision-making, foresight, and strategic planning, Austin+Koffron will work with you to build a stable litigation plan which can withstand the complexities of your unique circumstances.

Uncontested Matters

For those who have already put in the hard work of analyzing and negotiating a mutually beneficial agreement with their spouse or significant other, Austin+Koffron offers fixed fee (i.e. flat fee) services on a sliding scale for a variety of uncontested family law matters.