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austin+koffron legal services

Austin+Koffron is a boutique law firm providing smarter mediation services and skilled appellate advocacy.

Dedicated to helping families with alternatives to litigation and ensuring the correct application of law when litigation occurs.

Learn more about the Austin+Koffron approach.

+Mediation Services

Litigation is intensely confrontational.

Mediation offers a way to minimize confrontations, preserve relationships and reduce the financial and emotional cost of conflict. Tell me more

+Appellate Advocacy

Litigation rarely ends at the close of a trial.

If continued litigation is necessary, Austin+Koffron will be your strongest advocate in ensuring the correct application of the law. Tell me more

+About Austin+Koffron

Austin+Koffron was established by Saraphoena (Austin) Koffron and Mike Koffron, with a vision of a law practice dedicated to helping families in transition. Find out more