A man walking toward a fork in the road. Austin+Koffron's approach is to help you determine your path to your future.
Austin+Koffron Mediation Services

Our adversarial legal system is meant to provide a rational basis for resolving conflicts, protecting rights, and creating order out of chaos for individuals with competing interests. But for those involved in divorce, family law, or estate contests, this complicated network of laws can easily become more of a hurdle, rather than a solution, on the path to a better future.

We’ve spent most of the past two decades litigating family law matters, and we continue advocating for accountability within the trial court system through advocacy in the Court of Appeals.

With this experience we have learned that litigation serves a distinct purpose in our society. But we have also learned that though court rules are necessary to limit government powers and ensure fair play, the pageantry and procedure of litigation rarely works for families experiencing conflict.

Those involved in divorce and other family law matters will generally share long-term common interests with their former spouse or significant other, especially if children are involved. Most family law and probate/estate matters involve people who are (whether they like it or not) going to be connected in some way for the remainder of their lives.

Individuals and families in transition deserve more than a “one size fits all” approach. They deserve more than what litigation has to offer. They –you–deserve a forum that skips the ceremony of the courtroom and tailors itself to the actual needs of the parties.

Whether you are in the process of reorganizing one family into two households, on the verge of creating a dual custodial environment, readjusting to accommodate a change in circumstance, or trying to grapple with a conflicted distribution of an estate while grieving, our mediation services provide a practical, efficient, and smarter alternative to the cost and time of litigation.

From preserving wealth to protecting children, we have a passion for helping families. Let us provide the structure, realism, and sophistication necessary for you to find a solution to issues that mean the most to you.