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A man walking toward a fork in the road. Austin+Koffron's approach is to help you determine your path to your future.

Though our legal system is meant to help resolve conflict, its adversarial framework can become a problem in family law matters.

Unlike business, criminal, or personal injury lawsuits – those involved in divorce and other family law matters often share long-term common interests with their spouse or former significant other, especially if children are involved.

Individuals and families in transition deserve more than a “one size fits all” approach to address the changes in their lives. Every family law matter is unique.

Whether you are in the process of reorganizing one family into two households, on the verge of creating a dual custodial environment, or readjusting to accommodate a change in circumstance, you need the support of skilled attorneys who can develop and guide you towards a reasonable solution without sacrificing long-term goals.

From preserving wealth to protecting children, we have a passion for helping families. Let us provide the structure, stability, and sophistication necessary to protect what means the most to you.

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