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A woman is calling Austin+Koffron for progressive legal representation of non-traditional families.

No one can deny that our society is changing at a rapid rate. Nontraditional families are faced with ambiguity in the application of outdated laws. The faith and religious practices of more traditional families are not being taken seriously.

Austin & Koffron respects the full spectrum of families in Michigan.

Family laws are intended to provide stability to families who must turn to the courts when they are unable to resolve matters on their own. No one should experience shame or personal judgment when asking for help, and no one should be left without an avenue to protect their wealth, their children, or their lifestyle just because they have experienced a breakdown of a relationship.

While there are no instant successes when withstanding the learning curve of the court systems, we will not abandon our core belief that Michigan’s family laws should be equally applied regardless of a litigant’s gender, race, sexual preference, physical ability, or religious practices.

If your case involves open relationships, the dissolution of an interracial marriage, deviation from stereotypical gender norms, or a myriad of other characteristics that do not fit in the middle of the road, contact us.